We are in a part of the world where fear and lack of courage has replaced our strength and self-confidence. Our overdependence on religion has made many of us mentally lazy, lacking in ambition and drive. Our priorities have become misplaced and efforts are put in futile ventures all in a bid to attain success through the fastest means possible.

The essence of life has been greatly misunderstood. Positive attributes, which promote success, such as vision, hard work, humility and patience are not given much emphasis. Also, the existence of love, support and a general goodwill among contemporaries is rare. Instead, envy, toxicity and unhealthy competitiveness is the order of the day. There is a lot going on in our world today, which is affecting the youths. The most detrimental of these challenges is the refusal of many to be realistic and reasonable in their approach to life.

Our mentalities are in need of a reorientation. we need to fix our minds on some simple truths. Central to this reorientation process is the acceptance of certain facts: Challenges are a part of life, life is a process, delays and mistakes are inevitable. Miracles will not happen, rather, you get out what you put in. Also, important to note is that whatever the length of the process may be, focus should be more on learning and building a network rather than the achievement of the goal.

The importance of fixing the mindset of the youths to inspire growth and success in them is the motivating force and inspiration for writing this book.

Life isn’t meant to be easy; it is expected to be lived with understanding, patience and endurance so we can continue to thrive irrespective of what challenges we may be faced with.