Hi, I’m Adetunbi Hammed Owolabi

Real Estate Consultancy & Development Entrepreneur  Pan Africanist Global Leader Author

Born-and-raised Nigerian with nothing more than passion and a dream, Adetunbi has become a serial entrepreneur, leader & unshakable optimist living up to responsibilities and dedicated to delivering value adding services and responsibilities to optimal satisfaction.

Adetunbi is the founder of Adetunbiowo & Co Real Estate and construction company which also has a marketing segment of the organization called AOEstateChariots (www.aoestatechariots.com).

His Entrepreneurship bend lead him to founding AHMEDCARDIN, A fashion brand which he believes with time will be one of the first of it kind coming out of Africa, that will compete on the global scale and demand. Fashion is all about appearance. Adetunbi’s inspiration is around him.

His heart yearns for people across the world and how best can he make an impact if not to serve as the President of the international Youths Organization for Peace and Sustainability (IYOPS). An organization that brings together the young leaders across the globe in order to educate and empower the youths of our world with the knowledge, courage, and understanding needed to actively develop progressive changes towards a sustainable and peaceful world (www.iyops.org).

Things have changed a lot for him but for some, finding purpose is far away, this has inspired him to write his first book titled: Why Life Is So Hard, with the aim to encourage young people in Nigeria and across Africa to pursue and achieve desired goals, mission and vision in life. He has been distinguished with honorary award within Nigeria not to forget that  he has been rewarded with certifications for seeking more out of Life; learning never stops.

On this site you will learn about his expertise which gives you a chance to connect with his experiences, his services and also the possibilities of partnerships.

Please feel free to contact Adetunbi.