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Truthfully, there is this joy you have when you find inner peace within yourself. Inner peace leaves in its wake a deep feeling of happiness and joy that is unexplainable, but you can feel it inside of you. And the thing is that it tends to glow from the inside out.

Inner peace comes with bliss, happiness and contentment. Inner peace is freedom. It means freeing your mind from worry, negative thoughts, bad events and even toxic peace. When you have inner peace, you are happy because it means you are spiritually and mentally at peace.

This is why we need to focus on having inner peace and work towards attaining it. It’s not difficult to achieve. However, it takes commitment from you, and you must decide to gain inner peace. Just as stress is a choice, inner peace is also a choice.

The pursuit of inner peace is more important than the search for happiness or success

Chris Shea

When you pursue inner peace, the others will surely come behind it.

Here are 7 ways by which you can achieve inner peace and happiness.

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1.   Be Hopeful

Every day is a Fresh Start, my friend. That is why every day that you wake up, you should have hope. Find something to be grateful for when you wake up in the morning and when you go to bed at night. This is because when there is life, there is hope. And when there is hope, you achieve inner peace.

That is why I love this song ‘Hope’  by Twista and Faith Evans from the 2005 motivational sports drama ‘Coach Carter’. In that song, Twista wished that some things didn’t go the way they went, but he tells us that life goes on, and so you say a little prayer, have faith and have hope.

Yes, we know that it isn’t easy, but that’s okay. Just be hopeful, and you will surely find a way out of that trying or tough time or that bad situation that you are going through.

2.   Visualize the best

When you picture yourself, what do you think? Where do you see yourself? To gain inner best, you must visualize and envision the best. Visualize yourself in a happy place.

If you want a future, you have to picture yourself in that future. And so, if you want to gain inner peace, you have to envision it. You will never achieve a goal if you do not see yourself reaching that goal. Likewise, No one can give you peace if you do not desire it.

Thus, you have to believe in yourself and cut short the thoughts that you are setting yourself up for disappointment.

3.   Set Boundaries

As a human being, there is only so much that you can handle or take upon yourself. Thus, there is a need to set boundaries and limits to what you can take or do.

Trust me; when you do this, you will realize that there is so much peace that comes with it. The things that need to go, let go of them. Don’t hold on to them anytime longer. You need to stop doing the least important things, things that honestly don’t matter much.

If there is the need for you to say no to some people or some things, feel free to do so. Don’t take on burdens upon yourself that will cause you to lose your peace of mind.

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4.   Breathe in, Breathe out

In other words, find a relaxation technique that works best for you. You can try practising Yoga and Meditation. In one of our recent posts, we talked about the benefits of Yoga and Meditation and how it helps to bring inner peace. You can check it out here.

You can also try belly breathing and working out to ease some tension. You can go out on walks and breathe in the beauty of nature, listen to music, go out with friends, play sports and so on. Find out what is best for you and ensure to do it.

5.   Accept what is and let go 

I think it is time to let go. Yes, the time is now. I know that you may have had a negative past or made some wrong decisions in the past that had great consequences.

And so, if that feeling from the negative past is still evident in your mind, you need to accept and let that feeling or thought in instead of trying to avoid it. It is time for you to confront it.

Although the facts or incident may be fresh in your head at times, you have gotten to that point where you need to let go and direct your focus to more positive and fruitful things. Stop struggling with it or trying to resist it. Get professional help if needed.

When you have done this, ask yourself what the present and future requires of you and do it. Don’t let the past hold you back.

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6.   Surround yourself with happy and positive people

The Bible says, show me your friends, and I will tell you who you are. This shows that surrounding yourself with good and positive people will tell you more about who you are. The people you surround yourself with, whether in your personal life, neighbourhood or workplace, will affect the way you think, act, feel, your productivity, how you relate with people and even how you see and love yourself.

Engaging with toxic people will take a toll on your well-being. Such toxic relationships, whether personal or professional, will surely fail.

That is why you need to surround yourself with someone or people who make you happy in your personal life and are interested and committed to your growth as a person. You also need to build your business with happy and positive people or work in an environment that is not toxic.

Don’t try to waste your time trying to change any toxic person, lest it backfires and you are affected by their toxicity. As such, you need to be wise about the people you surround yourself with.

7.   Love Yourself and show Love to people around you

For you to gain inner peace and find complete happiness, you need to love and appreciate yourself. You would not believe that others love you or that you can be loved if you do not love and appreciate yourself.

Treat yourself and spoil yourself (although not too much that you pass boundaries). Live and love and travel and meet new people. If there is the need for you to disconnect from the outside world to create time for yourself, then do it. Mental health is key, and it affects your daily life and relationship with people.

Also, show love to your family and friends, your co-workers, people around you. Give to people or charity. Put smiles on people’s faces. Connect with your old friends or your family. All these things give inner peace.

However, remember that you cannot fully feel inner peace and happiness when showing love to people if you do not first consider yourself by loving and appreciating yourself.

True Happiness comes from having inner peace and contentment, which in turn must be achieved by cultivating altruism, love and compassion, and by eliminating anger, selfishness and greed.

Dalai Lama

Please feel free to share some of your personal experiences and thoughts in the comments section below!



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