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Even though you always offer your boss the best of your services, and you have always been careful enough to ensure quality in your efforts, you are constantly lurking around falling off the pecking order in your career. I understand this can be frustrating, but this is what you do not know. Continue reading for more insights >>>

According to the survey carried out by Statistical, they discovered that 45% of employers or executive officers deploy career development as the tool that dictates who they give preference to amidst their workforce.

I think you have to stop being frustrated and face reality because it is imperative that you understand the concepts of career development and how potent it is to your career.

Perhaps, you are someone looking forward to getting your career started. Please take time to know the essentials before reality strikes you. Now, let us go through what career development really is.

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Career development is simply the process of self-knowledge, exploration, and decision-making that modifies your career. It involves pragmatically navigating your occupational options to select and groom for jobs that align with your personality, skills, and interests.

It refers to an array of programs designed to match your needs, abilities, and goals with current or future opportunities in the organization. It is the process by which the action plans are set in motion. Developmental schemes include both off-the-job and on-the-job training techniques.

Career development starts when you are matured enough to understand what you possess and what you can offer. In as much as you have discovered your passion and sensed some traits of your skills set, it’s an indication that you’ve got to take the next step!

Never wait till your college days or the time you are done acquiring a degree, for you might not have enough time to get prepared for what your career holds for you. 

This is a mistake I’ve seen many committed; a lot of people launched an unripe career. It’s wrong to start preparing when it is time for you to launch your career. 

The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck.

Anthony Robbins

So prepare so as not to be unlucky.

It involves living with the understanding that it’s a career but not a job.

Your job is only a career path, so career development doesn’t end after you’ve opted for an occupation.

Many employees have never for once thought beyond their current job or the next promotion they’d like to obtain.

Your job will only help you earn income till you become 60 years, but a career is what you do for a lifetime.

A career doesn’t end, so you must keep improving to maintain relevance and sustain the joy you derive from it. You need to bolster that short-term thinking, and stop being myopic.

You can’t just sit there and wait for people to give you that golden dream. You’ve got to get out there and make it happen for yourself.

Diana Ross

Career development involves exploration. It is the key that unlocks your career.

This involves conducting research and find out about the essential tips and requirements of your career of interest. 

Exploration provides an opportunity for you to job shadow, look out for an internship or volunteer position so you could test the waters. It is also an opportunity to conduct more informational interviews with professionals at work.

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This is a way of investigating the careers that are of interest to you. You learn the skills that are required and develop your knowledge, skills, and abilities as you start on the career field that appeals to you.

Take time to read about prominent people and learn of their acts and arts, watch movies or T.V streams with characters operating in your niche, and observe people doing things that you like to be doing.

Informational interviews are a great way to start building your network of people in the jobs and industries you desire. 

Exploration is curiosity put into action.

Don Walsh

Career development is learning about different tools and their application in your field; this is how to outshine other employees in your company.

It is never competition nor rivalry but only that you’ve added enough value to yourself, that you’ve grown to become very indispensable. So you must discover the necessary information, tools, and activities associated with your chosen career. 

Career development will broaden your skills and enhance your ability to make an impact. This involves exploring lateral moves to widen and give your experience more depth.

Being able to successfully carry out any task will add variety to what you do and broaden your skills, which will make you dynamic. Having diverse knowledge will enlarge your world and create space for more of your unique contributions. 

Career development is a measure of job performance. Career progression greatly depends on the job performance; this reveals how well you have grown over time in your productivity in what you claim you love doing.

The better the outputs, the higher the chances of rising through the corporate ladder quickly. This is what you might have to understand; no one cares about how you get things done; people are only concerned with the quality of your outputs relative to the time spent.

The most fundamental aggression to ourselves, the most fundamental harm we can do to ourselves, is to remain ignorant by not having the courage and the respect to look at ourselves honestly and gently.

Pema Chödrön

Career development is enhanced by self-assessment; this entails identifying your values, interests, skills, and personality.

This requires discovering yourself and what you enjoy doing (interests), what you can do emphatically well (abilities), not only these, and also their importance to you (values or beliefs).

Self-analysis requires you to reassess where you came from and where you are going, which is a kind of casual or incidental exposure.

Career development is building proper etiquette. Ethics are always what regulates every bit of action you take in your career. Proper alliance to ethics offers you a huge touch of professionalism, which is a measure of your alignment with the standards.

A wrong attitude is when you try to manoeuvre your ways out of the standards to get what you want. My dear, I’m afraid your career is at stake. That is not how successful career titans attained milestones.

Career development is submitting to Mentorship. Leaning on the shoulders of experts is a great way to gain knowledge and introduce yourself to other opportunities.

Adults near the end of their working lives often have the opportunity to mentor other workers and guide them in their career development process.

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It is very good that career mentorship is done while you are still working. This is a time to get exposed to the expectations and demands of your career field.

Learn from erudite workers, grab the opportunity asking to share whatever enabled them to be successful in their job, to set the stage that you can follow suit.

Seek a mentor from your career; people who are great achievers and satisfied in their careers have proactively determined what they wanted from work.

These are just a few ways in which you can develop yourselves. We will talk more about this in our future blog posts! Until then, keep striving to learn and improve more!



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